THE BEST INDUSTRIAL PIZZA OVENS Industrials ovens 16/04/2020


There are two elements that define a well-made pizza: the chef and the oven that is used.

Types of pizza ovens

Electric oven

The main data when purchasing an electric oven is the temperature. The ideal temperature that the electric oven should reach is 300ºC. The cooking time is between 3 - 4 minutes.

  • Its advantages:
    • Electric ovens are cheaper than wood or charcoal ovens..
    • They take up less space.
    • They do not need the installation of gas.
    • The initial investment is less.

Wood oven

For this type of ovens, technical knowledge is necessary on the part of the pizza maker, since the heat transmission is different in an electric oven.

Firewood also plays an important role in this type of oven.


Gas ovens

They are similar to wood fired ovens, so technical knowledge about oven convection is also required. There are of two types:

  • There are of two types:
    • Live convection: static ovens where there are no fans to push the air.
    • Forced convection: the air is pushed by means of fans.


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