CHICKEN ROTISSERIE GUIDE Industrial chicken roasters 08/04/2021


If you are interested in buying a chicken grill, in this guide you will find the help you need to know which chicken grill is the most convenient for your business.

What chicken rotisserie do you need?

To be clear about the chicken rotisserie you need, you must know how many chickens you want to make during a working day.

Chicken roasters have bars (swords) on which the chickens are placed so that they roast while the swords are turning. The number of spades determines the capacity for roasting chickens, so a three-spade chicken rotisserie can roast between 12 and 18 chickens and an 8 spade rotisserie can roast between 40 and 48 chickens.

Number of spades of chicken roasters

The number of spades on a rotisserie is the factor manufacturers use to create their chicken rotisserie models. Rotisseries can be classified as follows:

  • Small tabletop: for roasting 8 to 24 chickens. It has from 2 to 4 swords. With simple sword and multi-rotary system
  • Medium: for roasting 30 to 48 chickens. It has 6 to 8 swords. With simple sword and multi-rotary system
  • Large: for roasting 48 to 96 chickens. With double sword and multi-rotary systems

The arrangement of swords

Chicken rotisseries are classified according to how the swords are arranged:

  • Simple sword: They are arranged in the same plane, one below the other.
  • Double sword: The swords are arranged in two different planes, some closer to the heat than others to take advantage of the heat of the spit itself. These chicken roasters take advantage of space and save on energy consumption.
  • Planetary or multi-rotary: These spits are made up of one or more drums that contain swords and rotate on the drum and on themselves. They represent significant savings in gas consumption.

Type of consumption

According to the type of consumption of the chicken rotisserie, we have:

  • Gas: butane, propane or natural gas, depending on the type of consumption you want to use.
  • Wood fired: they can also work on charcoal.
  • Electrical: normally with three-phase system.

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