When we begin to assess what machinery we should acquire to equip our restaurant, it is essential to know several parameters:

  • For how many diners? ... 30-50-100-150 ...
  • What specialty we want to offer? Traditional with elaborate dishes, Meats, (brasserie), fish, (seafood), pizza / pasta ...
  • What customer type? Young, Adult, (with children), Middle-aged ...
  • Will we work on a menu, letter or both basis?
  • About what average price per person, do we want to offer our menu?
  • Of what do we have space for the kitchen? 30 m2, 50, 80, 100 ...


Once we have our business idea clear, and as a guide, we can start to set up our INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN....

The needs of KITCHEN MACHINERY, as is logical they depend on the number of diners, but basically, it cannot be missing: a INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN, a HOSTELING IRON and one INDUSTRIAL FRYER. This would be the essential. Always in the right size. But in the case of 100 diners onwards, we should have a MIXED CONVECTION-STEAM OVEN.

If we want to offer elaborate dishes, we will need a PROFESSIONAL STATIC OVEN, that can be under the kitchen fires, and more number of fires ... If we are to base the specialty on MEAT, we will need a INDUSTRIAL BARBECUE or VEGETABLE CHARCOAL OVEN.If our clientele comes to taste fish / seafood, always in addition to the basics, we will need a HARD CHROME PLATE

And of course, if the clientele, usually young, adults with children, want to eat pizza and pasta, we need a PIZZA OVEN and a INDUSTRIAL PASTA CUECE.


It is important to place NEUTRAL KITCHEN MODULES, between the cooking machinery, which will help us to work, close to where the dishes are being cooked, and if they have a drawer, to store the utensils, such as knives, tweezers, scissors, etc. And also the auxiliary machinery, such as the mixer grinder, which is important to have on hand.


The machinery for the kitchen of our restaurant can be GAS OR ELECTRIC, or with both types of energy. For example ... calculating the power of GAS, and to avoid having to do a project, saving us the consequent cost, we can place part of the ELECTRICAL machinery.


All appliances must be MODULAR, with the same depth, 600-700 or 900 mm. So same, being from the same manufacturer, they will have the same worktop, wall panel, front, adjustable feet, etc. Which allows to join them (by testatin), so that we will avoid leaks and facilitate cleaning. The baseboard is advisable, to prevent dirt from depositing under the kitchen machinery. Hygiene is very important and all of this facilitates it.


The EXTRACTOR HOOD PROFESSIONAL, shall cover the entire length of the cooking machinery, plus about 150 mm from each end. Obviously the depth, should be equally the corresponding. It is important to order it with the light / LED installation, since otherwise, the cooking zone would be very dark due to the hood itself.


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