INDUSTRIAL KITCHENS Industrial kitchens 19/10/2021


Industrial kitchens

The industrial kitchen is the star element of a restaurant kitchen. And it is that a fundamental part of the "cuisine" of a restaurant, bar, catering, etc., is the kitchen itself itself.

Industrial gas or electric stove?

The main factor to take into account when buying an industrial kitchen is the installation of supplies for the space it will occupy. the industrial kitchen on the premises. It is important to be well informed about the regulations or to be able to comply with the requirements demanded by the type of industrial kitchen to be installed in the space, be it a industrial gas stove or a electric industrial kitchen.

The installation of an industrial kitchen

For the installation of the industrial kitchen you need the knowledge of professions that will help you, first in the installation and revision and then in the start-up of the appliance. At this point, the help of a professional with specific knowledge of the subject is necessary to guarantee a correct installation of the industrial kitchen and achieve better performance and use. Ximo of it.

How to keep an industrial kitchen in perfect condition?

Maintenance is simple: cleaning . A industrial kitchen will last many years if properly cleaned daily . The burners have to be disassembled regularly (it is not strictly necessary to do it daily). This gesture ensures optimal operation and that the industrial kitchen flame is blue.

Some of our products available in our store:

Eurast - Gas boiling 1 burner

Eurast 44110M10 Gas boiling 1 burner table top - 300x450x240 mm - 4.5 Kw


Eurast - Gas cookier 1 burner

Eurast 33290317 Gas cooker 1 burner on open support - 400x450x900 mm - 7.2 Kw


Eurast - Gas cooker 6 burners

Eurast 33440321 Gas cooker 6 burners 1 static oven gn 1/1 - 1050x600x850 mm - 28.8 Kw + 30 W 230/1V


Eurast - Gas cooker 4 burners

Eurast 42930321 Gas cooker 4 burners 1 electric convection oven 440x380 - 700x600x850 mm - 17 Kw + 2


In Horeca Kitchen we have a wide catalog of industrial kitchens for bars , restaurants , catering companies , taperies , hotels , taverns , etc. If you need more information about any of our industrial kitchens, do not hesitate to contact with us, we will inform you without obligation of everything you need.