OPTIMIZE SPACE IN AN INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN Industrial kitchens 17/06/2020


Organizing the kitchen of a restaurant is key so that everything goes well. Therefore, the order, management and cleanliness of a kitchen are the fundamental pillars so that everything goes on time.

10 keys to optimize space in a restaurant kitchen

               1.- Correctly distribute the work areas.

               2.- Divide the time.

               3.- Work areas must be clean and orderly.

               4.- Storage spaces organized and well distributed.

               5.- Order the products according to their reception.

               6.- The tools ordered and placed in the corresponding area.

                7.- Make sheets of the products and scandals of the dishes frequently.

               8.- Correctly manage by-products and waste.

               9.- Choose the right staff.

               10.- Listen to the staff.

And for this to work, the space of a kitchen in a restaurant has to be optimized, to ensure 100% use of the kitchen.

The layout of a restaurant kitchen

               1.- The distribution: do it in a U shape to create a chronology in the preparation of the dishes.

                2.- Panels and sliding doors: much more comfortable and with less risk of accidents for staff.

               3.- Well-organized cabinets: have the most essential items on hand and discard those that are not used.

               4.- Easy cleaning: the best tools and furniture to make stainless steel are much easier to clean.

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